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Department of Planning

The townsite of Perth was established on the banks of the River Swan but as the town evolved into a city the two elements have become increasingly separated as a result of land reclamation, road construction and provision of green spaces. The Perth Waterfront project seeks to re-establish the historic connection between the city and the river by extending the city grid down to the river, creating an inlet bringing the river back to the approaches of the city and will introduce a diverse range of uses and activities to create a vibrant foreshore.

Project Details:
As heritage advisers to Department of Planning, Hocking Heritage Studio are producing a range of documents creating a framework of assessment and management of the Esplanade, Barrack Square and Supreme Court Gardens and adjacent places in relation to their heritage values including: Perth Waterfront – Strategic Management Plan; Perth Foreshore – Heritage Impact Statement; Supreme Court Gardens Heritage Impact Statement; archival records, relocation strategies and Interpretation Strategy.

Completion Date: