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Stage 1 Restoration

Designed by Edmund Blackett in the Gothic Revival style, St George’s Anglican Cathedral is the heart of Perth’s Establishment Precinct. Extensive conservation works based on research and findings of the Conservation Plan and Building Fabric and Security Audit were undertaken, with the key aim of safeguarding the existing building fabric which has suffered fabric deterioration, earthquake damage from 1967 and public safety issues. This comprehensive program of conservation and integration with a master plan of the whole Cathedral Precinct has ensured Cathedral and State Ceremonial functions will be appropriately housed for the next century.

Project Details:
The project involves high level integration of architectural, structural and all other service disciplines to ensure minimal disturbance and visible interventions to the existing fabric. Works undertaken include conservation of masonry, timber and glass elements, reconstruction of slate roof, ventilation and stormwater systems, structural upgrading to satisfy earthquake requirements including introduction of stainless steel rods with a central enamelled corona at the crossing, incorporation of steel columns within brick and limestone buttresses, reconstruction of the Belltower to minimise movement and enhance bell ringing, reconstruction of the cast bronze and copper fleche and installation of energy and maintenance efficient lighting system.

Completion Date:
December 2007


2008Australian Institute of Architects, George Temple Poole Award

Heritage Council of Western Australia, Heritage Conservation Award

Mondoluce Interior Lighting Award
Lighting Engineer - ETC

Masters Builders Western Australia, Excellence in Construction
Builder - Colgan Industries

Engineers Australia, Australian Engineering Excellence Award
Maitland Consulting Structural Engineering